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  Buy Negative Google Reviews that came in back to back that fit the obvious fakes, 1 star, ridiculous comment, and no prior google history/new account (I’m guessing), did remove a couple 1 star with no comments but only a small portion. We did canned responses trying to make right (knowing we wouldn’t get responses) and on those that did respond, typically buffoonish, we followed the only 3 public response rule.  Google removed some of those too. We waited for the dust to settle to avoid mixing good reviews with bad before we began the public sharing. Because let’s face it some of those good, may not have been 100% fake they weren’t necessarily 100% legit  Webhelpz . How many of our moms think we’re all 5 stars? Buy Negative Google Reviews All emails had “how are we doing” links in the signatures. We incorporated a process similar to Grade.Us.  Anything 4+ was sent to Google to add the review. All transaction emails (high open rates) asked the same questions.  We upped the live custom

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